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Bresse to Val de Travers - July 2005

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last updated: 14-Aug-2005

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When: 16th/17th July 2005
Where: Charette-Varennes (F), Lac de St. Point (F), Val de Travers (CH)
How: in my car - full trip was ca. 670 km

This is just a reminder to myself, to come back into this region...

Day 1 - driving from home to Charette-Varennes in Bresse, a little village at the Doubs river. Next biggest city is Seurre, or Dôle. The trip via Basle was ca. 330 km, 3.5 hrs, with 15 min stop on the highway due to a hailstorm near Besançon. In the evening relaxed party with Daniela. Overnight in Hotel Doubs-Rivage (very nice surroundings just at the Doubs, nice hosts, but a bit noisy) - didn't sleep much, because I had to read the new Harry Potter.

Day 2 Route: Charette-Varennes - Pierre-de-Bresse - Bellevesvre - Sellières - Poligny - Champagnole - Nozeroy - Censeau - Lac de St. Point - Les Fourgs - L'Auberson (CH) - Fleurier - Travers - Neuchâtel - home.

Supermarkets open on Sunday morning - Atac  in Pierre-de Bresse (cheese, fruit, sausages)
C.-V. to Sellières is a small road across the countryside, nice gardens and the occasional castle.
Poligny seems very nice, like an old Italian city, but very much alive. There was a shop selling local food stuff at the big junction, and one further up on the pass (ca. 3-5 min, to the right, butchery and cheese)
Lac de St. Point (actually 2 lakes) - seems region for sport/family holidays
Les Fourgs - skiing location?
L'Auberson is really remote, nice meadows, forests, flowers - probably 1200 m; afterwards Col des Etroits
Val de Travers - almost as remote, but there is a train :-) Beautiful, green valley, with small villages. Visited Séchoir d'Absinthe  in Boveresse - old Absinth (wormwood liquor) drying shed and museum which also sells 10 brands of Absinthe and chocolate with Absinthe - open on Sundays. Cheapest fuel on the whole trip, in whole Val de Travers same price.
Driving down Val de Travers, immediately opens up to give the view to the Lac de Neuchâtel.
Thought about going to Papiliorama/Nocturama in Marins, but too tired.
Way back home via Biel/Bienne.

Full way ca. 340 km, but took ca. 6 hrs, incl. stops.

Doubs near Charette-Varennes (F) Lac St. Point, Jura (F)
Doubs at Charette-Varennes
Lac de St. Point
Meadow near L'Aubreson Absinth drying shed - Val de Travers
Meadow near L'Aubreson (CH) Absinth drying shed/museum in Boveresse

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