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Meerkats of the Kalahari - diary

I had the pleasure to be a guest to the Kalahari Meerkat Project in Kuruman River Reserve as an Earthwatch volunteer, for two weeks. These pages are my journal of this stay.


There is the "Earthwatch Diary" summarizing what we Earthwatchers did, and the "Meerkat Diary" summarizing what the meerkats did while we were watching them. For pictures of the trip, check out the Gallery; there is also a "Meerkat movies" site, and a page with background and practical info.


Most entries here are dated August 2005 - but with some recent updates. Thanks to the visitors of this diary, and the questions I got, the project of a Kalahari Meerkat Project website was born. Please visit the site for more info on the meerkats, Earthwatch and the project, and feel free to contact me with questions.

What I liked most:

  • the meerkats :-) (special thanks to my dear Pig, Grandpa Grumble and the Moomins Gang, Jethro, Maja and the Commandos pups)
  • the company of that bunch of guys and gals working long hours with the little scurries - all of them with adorable dedication to their research, but still with a great sense for humor, fun and an feeling of responsibility towards us city girls. They do just a great job out there!
  • the company of Anne-Marie, our host and extraordinary chef, and the other "Earthwatch ladies" - all of them easy-going and fun to be out in the wild with, or sharing G&Ts on Big Dune
  • my long and short walks through the reserve, alone or in company, early morning or in the heat of the day, to see antelopes, meerkats, the Big Dune, Ernie the Eland Who Thinks He's A Cow or "just" the landscape


What some people might dislike:

  • the cold nights (imagine hot showers, but with an air temperature of 0°C)
  • the lack of lodge-style luxury, lack of TV, radio, newspapers
  • the creepy-crawlies, snakes, scorpions and other nice stuff (meerkat food)
  • the walks, several km per day, with backpack, in cold and heat alike, in soft sand, with spiky grass and thorny shrubs attacking you

For many more pictures, see my Picture Gallery. Please note that all pictures depicting meerkats, yellow mongooses and associated birds are strictly subject to copyright by KRR; please contact me if you want to use them for other than non-public, non-commercial purposes.

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