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Meerkats Earthwatch Expedition '05
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Did you like reading my travel diaries? Please join me in a donation, in case you want to give something back...


The website is a labour of love - it came into existence because I like to travel, and share my experiences with others. I can afford to travel to exotic destinations - often places where the local people have to care about their next meal, and can't even grasp the idea of a leisure trip abroad.


In the past years I've started to donate money and material donations to grass-roots charities - the labours of love of dedicated women and men who left back their first-world comforts to help the less fortunate with energy, enthusiasm and funds.


You will find info about projects I found are serious and worthy to support, in several parts of the website:


Please feel free to donate a few dollars to any of the above causes, via Paypal. I will collect the money and transfer it to the respective project, on a honesty basis. You will make me happy, but above all this happiness will multiply and spread to Cambodia, Rwanda or Ethiopia.


Thank you very much!




The donations will be made via Paypal secure payment. You won't have to reveal any bank or credit card details.

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Rwanda pre-school

Ethiopia School

Toilet No. 1 in Cambodia

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