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Background about our Toilet No. 1 Project

Instead of gifts for Christmas '06, we asked our families and friends for a donation to support the Shinta Mani Community project in Cambodia. This is how our "Toilet No. 1 Project" started.

Shinta Mani is an extraordinary boutique hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Its owner, a native Cambodian, had to leave the country as a kid, and made his fortune in the hotel industry. Returning to his country to build the Shinta Mani, the idea of the Institute of Hospitality was born. Local boys and girls - many of them orphans and too poor to look after their families - are taken on as apprentices to learn a profession in the booming hotel industry. The first three classes have now found jobs elsewhere in Siem Reap and can support their families - unimaginable if they hadn't had the Shinta Mani training.

Chitra (Shinta Mani Academic Director) and Sour Vong (Culinary Teacher) have started in 2005 to invest in another grass-roots venture: The Shinta Mani community project. With donations from the hotel guests, they started to support villages in the Siem Reap area - focussing on the poorest of the poor.

Read more about the Shinta Mani community project here.

Our "Toilet No. 1 Project" forms a part of this venture - as it was our donation that was used to build the first toilet of the project. Toilet No. 1, in the village of Brey.

Last update:  23:21 03/04 2008
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