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How to donate yourself

Would you like to participate in the Shinta Mani community project? Donating is easy. You have three options - well, I admit the second option is maybe easier. But the first is by far nicer!

  1. Stay a few days in the Shinta Mani hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and donate
  2. Contact Chitra, and you will get a donation form to make a donation by credit card
  3. Donate a few dollars via my charity donation site. Click here.


Please note that all of your money goes to the community project, there is no bureaucracy it needs to support.

If you decide to donate to the project after visiting this page, please send me an email to evi[at] You will be added on our donation list - because it is great to see it grow!


Staying at the Shinta Mani

Shinta Mani, converted into a hotel in 2004, is one of the first boutique hotels in Siem Reap, Cambodia, that is otherwise dominated by the big hotel chains and small low-key guesthouses. We didn't stay at the Shinta Mani during our 2006 trip, unfortunately, but visited it several times, for a tour of the hotel, the excellent spa, and the restaurant. And what we experienced was impressive:


  • amazingly friendly young staff, caring for your every need smiling, but finding the right balance to not being obtrusive - all of them trainees in the Institute of Hospitality
  • elegant architecture and rooms, in neat design, very carefully maintained
  • top amenities, a wonderful spa, a cool pool
  • a good restaurant with a range of local and international dishes and wines
  • a great location, in the old French quarter - a better vantage point for the temples than many other hotels, and in walking distance to the bustle of the old town, but in a quiet and secure neighbourhood.

If this is your way to make a donation, contact the Shinta Mani via their website. If you advise them in advance of your donation (via email, below), you will even be able to visit the project site you donated for!

Donating via email or fax

It's maybe not everyone's idea of a safe investment to just send money to Cambodia. But I tried it, and it worked perfectly.

In order to donate, you can contact Chitra via the Shinta Mani website. You will get a donation form where you can mark your donations. Together with a Credit Card authorisation form for the intended amount, you email it back to Chitra.

My experience with this process was good, everything went smoothly. Chitra was not always in the office to respond to my emails immediately, but she took good care of the money and spent it wisely.

Last update:  23:40 11/12 2008
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